Molecular cooking set

This set explains the famous molecular cooking techniques.

Caviar of red fruit, coco jelly-mango compote, mint spaghetti are exemple among the 6 easy recipes proposed in this set.

This set contains all the specific ingredients and materials used in the recipes.

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This set contains :

  • 5x2g alginsphère
  • 5x2g calcium salt
  • 5x2g agargel
  • 5x2g kappagel
  • 5x2g ascorbic acid
  • 5x2g citric acid
  • 5x2g sodium bicarbonate
  • 5x2g xantha
  • 2 graduated pipettes
  • 1 syringe 20ml
  • 2m alimentary grade silicone tube
  • 1 bored spoon
  • 1 booklet containing 6 recipes