Coconut marshmallow

Serves 8 – 30 min preparation – 10 min cooking – 1 day cooling

  • Mix 20g of potato starch, 20g of icing sugar and 20g 
of coconut milk powder.
  • Sprinkle a frame or a dish of this mixture.
  • In a bowl, mix 3.2cl of water with 5g of egg white powder.
  • Mix 2cl of water with 19g of pork gelatin powder and let stand to rehydrate gelatin.
  • Separately in a saucepan mix 300g of caster sugar and 5cl of water.
  • Cook the sugar to 121°C.
  • Whisk the egg whites.
  • Pouring on the boiled sweet white mesh and keep third of cooked sugar to incorporate gelatin.
  • Add gelatin to the remaining sugar, stir, then pour over the white.
  • Stir 20g of coconut milk powder, whisk until cool preparation (around 30°C).
  • Pour the marshmallow into the frame or flat and sprinkle with cornstarch mixture, sugar, coconut milk powder.
  • Allow the marshmallow taken during one day.
  • Cut into cubes.