St. Jacques makis

Serves 4 – 25 min preparation – 15 min cooking – 24h resting 

  • Cut twenty nuts St. Jacques thinly. 
  • Mix 5g transglutaminase GS with 20g water. 
  • Arrange the slices of Saint-Jacques on two sheets of rhodoïd, overlapping slightly and pasting each point of contact with the base of transglutaminase. 
  • Put both vacuum plates and let stand at least 24 hours in the refrigerator.

Prepare stuffing

  • Repeatedly wash 150g sushi rice until the water runs clear. Drain the rice and put in a saucepan with 15cl of water. 
  • Soak for half an hour, cover and bring to boil for 2 min. Reduce heat and simmer 12 min. Add a vial of squid ink and mix gently.
  • Remove from heat and let stand for 10 min covered. 
  • Cool. 
  • Cut a half mango into thin strips.

Plate up

  • Deposit films nuts St. Jacques on a board and spread the rice it covers two-thirds of Saint-Jacques. 
  • Place a few sticks mango. Gently roll films. 
  • In a pan, snack rolls. 
  • Cut into pieces before serving.
  • 1 vial of squid ink
  • 1/2 mango